Itchy Clips : Building Blocks of Music

I’m very excited to also announce that Itchy Clips will be helping to sponsor PlayHaus.  Being the brainchild of Music producers Stewart Walker and Michel Morin, Itchy Clips promotes new forms of electronic music.   Distributing, “Scratch Packs” which contain “building blocks of music for live performances and studio productions” they hope to modularize music construction to promote recombination and sampling in more unique forms.   We thought they would be a perfect fit to experiment with the idea of laying these packs onto a physical interface.

Besides being 10 year veterans of the electronic music industry (playing on labels like TresorMille Plateaux, and Minus) they continue to tour the world as producers and artists from San Francisco to Tokyo, while mainly residing in Berlin.  In addition to creating Itchy Clips, both Stewart and Michel tinker with building their own hardware and equipment for their own production and performances.  We love what they do and we hope to be able to inspire them equally with some of our thinking for how music could be explored.

Thank you, Stewart and Michel, for your support!

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