College Hill Hunt

College Hill Hunt is a scavenger hunt game that is played throughout the College Hill neighborhood of San Francisco to promote growth and beautification within the neighborhood. The game is a family-style experience intended to be played by local families of all ages. Visitors from other neighborhoods may also find it fun to discover and interact with new art or businesses within the neighborhood. It’s a great replacement for a weekend walk!

Serious Goals:
1. Spark neighborhood participation in the local beautification project
2. Promote local neighborhood and local small businesses
3. Fundraising for art sculpture maintenance project – as part of the beautification project
4. Create initial neighborhood investment in greenway project

Target Audience:
The game is intended to be played by neighborhood families (and their friends visiting from outside neighborhoods). Adults, teenagers, or the whole family should be able to play and be challenged enough that the interactions are fun for all ages.

Gameplay Summary:
Players call a mysterious phone number to begin the game. After completing the instructions for registration they are guided by the voice instructions to receive a game card. This card contains the clues to the rest of the game. Following each challenge – step by step – they uncover local hidden art, new coffee shops, and are guided through the neighborhood … all on a mysterious quest involving popsicles. At the end of the game, they learn that all their efforts have been twarted toward planting a beautiful flower garden in an evolving art garden greenway. An enjoyable sunday afternoon break, this scavenger hunt helps locals engage with their neighborhood and transform it into something even more beautiful and fun.