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How to Play
The College Hill Hunt is a real world scavenger-hunt style game.  It is intended for a leisurely afternoon with friends and family, taking about an hour and half to complete.  The play begins when the players call a mysterious phone number (located on a mural and other signage around the local neighborhood).  The message on the voicemail instructs the player to the local tax office – where they ask for form “3600”.  In return for the completed form players are given an instruction card.  The card contains all the necessary clues to complete the game.

Objective : To solve all the clues and complete the final mission.

The game card reveals clues to each challenge.  Each clue, builds on the next.  Players may be asked to locate an urban art form and fill in a number to determine how many steps the next destination is away from the previous, solve a riddle, or interpret a haiku.  Along the way they are asked to purchase a popsicle at the local market and save the stick, which they then use later on to “tag and style”.  Near the end of the game they are directed to a laundry mat and asked to purchase seed bombs – a compressed ball of poppy seeds.   For their final mission, they are given a small map and told to find the “X”.

The final mission of the game is to use the material collected along the way (the popsicle stick and seed bombs) to plant a poppy garden in a blighted greenway.  Marking their plant with the popsicle stick, they are encourage to return and monitor their seedling, as the area begins to collect color and flowers bloom.

Needed to Play
A cell phone and the game card (download).